Materials for Virtual Summer Camp 2021

For each item in the list, you can choose to use either:

  • a household item / free printable option
  • an item purchased from Blick Art Materials

Either option will work great for camp. Household items are recommended because they are affordable and well-suited to the short duration of camp.

Required Materials
Material Find at home Purchase from Blick Art
Sketchbook Any or notebook, ideally unlined paper Purchase a sketchbook.
Paintbrush  1/2″–3″ wide house painting or fine arts Purchase a paintbrush.
White Paint 1 qt. latex house paint or any acrylic paint Purchase white paint.
Drawing board At least 16″x19″ piece of plywood, masonite, etc. Purchase a drawing board.
Drawing Paper At least 2 sheets of 14″x17″ paper, can be anything assembled from smaller pieces, backside of wrapping paper, craft paper, cardboard, etc. Purchase drawing paper.
T-Square Yard stick & draw grid on paper or print a T-square. Ideally, cut the printed one out of cardboard so you can draw against it. Purchase a T-square.
45/90 Triangle   Print a 45/90 triangle. Purchase a 45/90 triangle.
Scale   Print a scale. Purchase a scale.
Pencils A #2 is equivalent to HB (medium). That is all that is necessary, but a hard (H) and soft (B) equivalent would be nice. A black marker could substitute for a B pencil. Purchase pencils.
Eraser Any Purchase an eraser.
Pencil Sharpener Any Purchase a pencil sharpener.
Tape Masking, artist, gaff tape — anything that is strong and gentle on paper Purchase tape.
Glue Any white glue. A stronger (gorilla) glue would also work. Purchase glue.
Optional Materials
Material Find at home Purchase from Blick Art
Sandpaper Any grit will do Purchase sandpaper.
30/60 Triangle Print a 30/60 triangle. Purchase a 30/60 triangle.
Knife Utility knife, box cutter Purchase a utility knife.

View the entire list of materials available from Blick Art Materials.